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Medicaid Application Properly Denied for Failure to Verify the Purpose of Recurring Transactions That May Have Been a Scam 6/17/2021
Elder Law Extra, 6.14.21 6/14/2021
State Must Be Named as Primary Beneficiary on Community Spouse’s Annuity 6/10/2021
Nursing Home Resident’s Daughter Could Not Remove Mother Due to Pandemic 6/8/2021
Elder Law Extra, 6.7.21 6/7/2021
Court Cannot Reform Medicaid Recipient’s Deed Because It Would Affect Medicaid Agency’s Right to Estate Recovery 6/3/2021
Elder Law Extra, 6.1.21 6/1/2021
Attorney and Guardian for Incapacitated Individual Can Invoke Attorney-Client Privilege on Her Behalf 6/1/2021
Property That Medicaid Applicant Was Unable to Sell Is Countable Resource 5/27/2021
Elder Law Attorney’s Affidavit in State Bar Proceeding Can Be Used Against Her in Federal Criminal Case 5/26/2021
Elder Law Extra, 5.24.21 5/24/2021
Beneficiaries of Trust Can Challenge Trust Protector’s Amendment Due to Undue Influence 5/18/2021
Elder Law Extra, 5.17.21 5/17/2021
Elder Law Extra, 5.10.21 5/10/2021
Medicaid Application Denied Because Nursing Home Did Not Have Access to Applicant’s Financial Information 5/4/2021
Elder Law Extra, 5.3.21 5/3/2021
ELA Members in the News 4/29/2021
Elder Law Extra, 4.26.21 4/26/2021
Agent Under Springing POA May Act on Behalf of Competent Principal Based on Pattern and Practice 4/22/2021
Elder Law Extra, 4.19.21 4/19/2021
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